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O2 Phone Network Problems

John Wane of West Lutton has reported problems with the O2 mobile phone network & his frustration at the difficulties he has experienced in trying to report a problem. To read a copy of the email John sent to Ronan Dunne the CEO of O2 please click here:


If any local residents have been experiencing similar problems & wish to complain the contact details are as follows:
The email address for Ronan Dunne the CEO of O2 is
The telephone number for O2 main switchboard is Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.0113 272 2000

The customer services number is Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.0844 8090202


  1. Just to keep residents up to date, my email to the O2 CEO did focus some minds and I have had responses from their executive offices as well as contact details for the person dealing with our case.

    I have subsequently learned that the problem is not confined to O2, but also to Vodaphone as the mast is shared and it seems that is where the problem has become more complicated. As it is a shared mast, a third party company is contracted to maintain it on behalf of any companies using it which has complicated matters and delayed not only the repairs, but also even the knowledge that there was a problem.

    O2 accept they need to do something to improve their fault reporting system so they are aware more quickly of faults and I have been assured that they will be following that up in addition to the repair, to avoid similar delays. I now have a contact and phone number within the executive offices for someone who is personally dealing with our issue.

    The fault is not only on the Weaverthorpe mast, but also with the “feeder mast” to it, which was discovered when they attempted to repair it. I will be in daily contact now with the executive team and they have promised to keep me informed.

    For those Vodaphone customers, I can inform you that their CEO for the UK is Jeroen Hoencamp and this is his email address should you wish to make similar representations to that company, as I have done to O2. The Vodaphone Head Office switchboard is 01635 33251

    Certainly O2 have indicated that they will compensate customers for the time they have been without a service so I would advise anyone to email the CEO for O2 to register their complaints. Frankly, however, it is more a matter of principle than money, but if it makes the companies take notice and something about their customer services, it is worth the effort. The O2 CEO is Ronan Dunne and his email is The O2 company switchboard is 0113 272 2000, ignore the first messages and select the “if you know the persons name” option and a human being will answer!! Then just ask for Ronan Dunne as you wish to register a complaint, although I would suggest email first, as you will have a record and a reply.

    Anyway, the fault has now been given priority and so I hope we will have some positive progress within a few days.

    John Wane

  2. Just another post to keep everyone informed, I am pasting the content of the email I received this morning (30th April) from O2………….

    Good morning Mr Wane

    Thank you for your email and the update.

    I will again advise our networks about what the coverage checker is showing and push for them to change this as soon as possible.

    Latest update as of close of business yesterday from our side is that the engineers have been on site for the last two days and unfortunately the issue is rather bigger than they expected. I am getting daily updates and will update you accordingly if I have something positive to report.

    Thank you for your patience in this matter and I can assure you that we working as quickly as possible to get this issue resolved for you and other customers impacted by this.

    Kind regards


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