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Dog Fouling

We’re supporting Safer Ryedale and their “Take the lead…Take the Bag” campaign against dog mess.   You’ll be seeing the posters displayed in Helperthorpe, West Lutton and East Lutton.   We have some dog fouling reporting slips “Seen it?  Report it!” or you can report dog fouling offences direct to the Dog Warden, Brian Dunn.

Email –

Tel: 01653 600666 Ext 208

However, before doing so, please understand the limits of the Dogs [Fouling of Land] Act.   It covers only roads, footpaths, verges and public places, [such as playing fields, playgrounds, village greens, church grounds and grave yards] within a speed restriction of 40mph or less.

Fines cannot be imposed for dog fouling along unrestricted roads between villages or in open countryside.  We know that dog mess is an issue that generates strong feelings amongst many residents and would ask that all dog owners keep our footpaths and verges clean, whether or not they are within a 40mph speed limit.  Please Bag It and Bin It!


A mystery volunteer has strimmed and mown alongside the footpath approaching East Lutton and all around the newly restored planter and the bench.   It looks great.   Thank you very much!

At Last!

Our volunteers have finally completed the siding out in West Lutton. This was a major task, carried out by six committed people on Sunday mornings.   Although not everyone could make it for every session, we never had fewer than four volunteers at any one time.   Thanks again.

We’re now looking for volunteers to give the seven wooden benches in Luttons Parish another coat of preservative before the winter, so if you’d like to help, please contact me.

New volunteers are always welcome.  

Please contact me at

Or  01944 738030

Val Bottomley


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