The Parishes of Luttons and Weaverthorpe, incorporating Helperthorpe

Luttons PC Environment Group


The weather is improving and many of us are out in our gardens. Thank you to everyone who cuts the grass and tidies up outside their homes and around the villages! This year we will feel the impact of the decision by NYCC to withdraw funding for “amenity grass cutting” from April 2015.   They will no longer pay for grass cutting in and around the villages that is not required for “safety reasons”.   So please keep up the good work!


However, garden waste – including grass cuttings – is beginning to appear on verges again and even in the Gypsey Race!   Some residents may not realise that this is “fly tipping” and is illegal and liable to a large personal fine.

If you don’t wish to pay £36 per season to have it collected, most garden waste can be composted or left to mulch.  Please don’t leave it on verges or field borders – especially near cash crops such as wheat or barley – nor on private land without permission.

Last year The Environmental Sub Committee asked Streetscene to come and remove garden waste from verges in West Lutton and there was enough to fill the pick up truck!     Every time they are called out to do this means that there is less funding available for other essential Streetscene services.

Val Bottomley

Luttons Parish Council

Environmental Sub Committee

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