The Parishes of Luttons and Weaverthorpe, incorporating Helperthorpe

New Technology comes to Luttons CP School

Children from Luttons CP School, West Lutton, are using technology to enhance their learning with the introduction of Chromebooks. Luttons School has received the Chromebooks as part of a bid with a cluster of schools which work together to improve learning and social skills of students, as well as support and professional development of staff.    The Children will be able to produce pieces of work on the devices and, with the Wi-Fi connection, their teacher will be able to give feedback to them as they type. What’s more children from different schools will be able to interact in lessons, providing peer assessment and working together on various projects.

Alison Stephenson, Acting Headteacher said: “The modern world revolves around technology, the internet and the use of Wi-Fi. It is essential that children of today have access to modern technology.  The introduction of the Chromebooks in school gives them that opportunity as well as enhancing their everyday learning in every area of the curriculum.  Interacting with children in different schools means they are exposed to more ideas and improved social skills”. Alison added “The use of the Chromebooks and Wi-Fi is great for staff as well as they will be able to share in planning and delivering of lessons”.

In time parents will also be able to get involved with supporting and encouraging their child and they will be able to see, in real time, the work their children are doing in the classroom and then continue this with them when they return home should they wish to do so.

The use of modern technology in a rural school such as Luttons CP School, is an exciting initiative but also essential in preparing the children for the modern world.  Rural schools can easily become isolated in more than just location, so the interaction of children and staff across schools reduces that threat and opens up some many opportunities for working together.


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