The Parishes of Luttons and Weaverthorpe, incorporating Helperthorpe

Weaverthorpe Parish Council Election

There has been some confusion over voting in the the upcoming Parish Council Election & the number of places available.The Clerk has confirmed that there are 12 nominations for the 11 available places. Parishioners can vote for any number of candidates between 1 and 11. The 12 candidates, their Proposers & Seconders are as follows:

Gordon Downes Prop by T Thomson Sec by M Rowland

Richard Farnaby Prop by P Wilson Sec by J Wilson

Jarrod Fisher Prop by F Shellard Sec by J House

Nigel Lattaway Prop by S Taylor Sec by J Taylor

Julie Mason Prop by C Howe Sec by A Milner

Michael Mitchell Prop by S Taylor Sec by P House

Graham Perry Prop by S Taylor & J Taylor

Michael Rowland Prop by T Thomson Sec by Gordon Downes

Femi Shellard Prop by J House Sec by S Taylor

Stuart Taylor Prop by J Tiplady Sec by M Carter

Trevor Thomson Prop by Michael Rowland Sec by Gordon Downes


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