The Parishes of Luttons and Weaverthorpe, incorporating Helperthorpe

Cottam Airfield Windfarm

Plans to build a Windfarm at Cottam Airfield have been abandoned. Luttons Parish Council  received a letter from Neil Parnell, Senior Renewables Developer at RWE NPower Renewables regarding the proposed Windfarm. He writes:

‘Further to our communications last year about our proposed Cottam Airfield Wind Farm development, I am writing to provide an update on the project.

As discussed at the parish and ward workshop sessions, we promised to get in touch to confirm the outcome of our investigations into the site suitability for a wind farm development. We have decided not to progress with the Cottam Airfield project. 

We have made this decision having reviewed our plans for the site in the wake of recent changes to both wind farm planning rules and further consideration of the economics of the project.
We remain firmly of the view that onshore wind is a proven and essential part of the UK’s diverse energy mix, and that, without it, the cost of decarbonising our electricity supply will increase significantly to the detriment of the consumer. However, under the new CfD auction system, which provides price support for future projects, the relatively high costs we have identified for connecting the wind farm to the electricity network and the installation of new radar equipment to safeguard aircraft in the area render the project uneconomical.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to participate in our consultation sessions and I hope that you found the workshops a useful way to communicate with us and learn about our proposals.’


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