The Parishes of Luttons and Weaverthorpe, incorporating Helperthorpe

Litter Pick

A word of thanks to all those Councillors and other local residents who gave up their time last Sunday, to volunteer and participate in the Litter Pick organised by The Luttons Parish Council. One group began on the Eastern side of Helperthorpe and the other group on the Western side of West Lutton and they ‘picked’ their way along the valley and through the villages to meet in the middle. Their efforts resulted in 28 large bags of rubbish (cans, paper, plastic bottles, fast food wrappers etc) as well as 2 car tyres, a microwave oven and even a pair of ladies knickers!
Thank you all for giving up your time to help make our environment a nicer place for everyone to enjoy and I would also take this opportunity to invite anyone else, who wishes to give up a little of their time for the benefit of the local community, to contact the Parish Council. We are all volunteers try to do our best for our community and obviously have very limited resources as a Council. Continuing cuts in what Ryedale District Council can do, means any help anyone can offer on a wide range of projects and issues is always welcome so if you would like to help, please make contact.
John Wane
Chairman – The Luttons Parish Council


  1. David Owen says:

    Just a thought, all this rubbish that is getting collected, when it was windy last recycle day, there was quite a bit blowing around as they were getting emptied, nothing anyone could do about it. Where does one get the nets for the recycle boxes from?

  2. Nets for recycling boxes are available free from Ryedale Streetscene on Showfield Lane Malton.

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