The Parishes of Luttons and Weaverthorpe, incorporating Helperthorpe

Three Weavers Green

Despite the campaign against this project I am still happy to answer any questions you may have, as we are and always have been an open community project.

Contact: Jill Wilson

Tel: 01944 738282


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  1. Dennis horseman says:

    Why is Three Weavers Green a Ltd company and not a Community Interest Company?

  2. Liz Mills says:

    How many more wind turbines are we going to have spoiling these beautiful wolds villages and what happens when the government subsidies run out?
    We are going to pay in the long run for these schemes, the sums don’t add up, who is going to get the lion’s share of this??
    We certainly shall not be supporting any more wind turbines in this area; surely we are not the only people against these projects?
    The money would be better spent on the village itself, not helping the government meet targets!

  3. Paul Millward says:

    Hi Jill,

    I have just read the insert in the Warbler, and would like an answer to a questions that I first asked 2 years ago: namely, when did I or the community in general authorise TWG to act on my behalf, and at what point did the communities of Butterwick, Weaverthorpe and Helperthorpe vote for turbines? I or my wife have attended all meetings and, although surveys have been promised, these have never materialised.

    As regards to height comparisons, I would suggest that a difference of 13.12m (or 43ft), representing a 24% increase in height, is significant. In fact, the proposed turbine would be 7m (23ft) higher that the central tower of York Minster. So much so that it would appear that the MOD are insisting on red lights being fitted. Please don’t try and tell me that this does not severely impact on the landscape!
    As to the point regarding HCDA; this is a non-profit making organisation, so there is no guarantee that money is forthcoming – this is one of the risks. Again, the community were not balloted on HCDA being involved. All the time you have preached the benefits to the community. People misguidedly thought you meant the valley community, not Hull. I do not feel that Weaverthorpe and Helperthorpe should play host to a turbine to fund someones project outside of the valley, and neither, it seems do a good many more people. Please do not accuse me of NIMBYism: we already have one as a garden ornament, another in the offing, and a further three plainly visible. How many can you see?
    To turn to the reduction in carbon emissions; let’s get things in perspective. Each turbine is planned to be rated at 500kW. This is installed power, quite different to actual power. The DTI quote a figure of 25% efficiency in optimum wind conditions. This means an actual output of 125kW. To put it in perspective; if 41 people in Weaverthorpe decided to make a cup of tea it would cope. However, if the 42nd household decided to switch on the kettle, the electricity would have to be borrowed from somewhere else.

    I have made my feelings clear since the first meeting that I am opposed to wind turbines, and I feel that actions by TWG have only made my opposition more certain, especially to these. There is no way that this can be considered a community project, as demonstrated by the need to form various companies, unbeknown to the community in general. There should only ever have been one – The Wolds Valley Community comprising of local people, for the benefit of this community.


    Paul Millward

  4. Paul Stephens says:

    I realise that at Moor Farm near Helperthorpe, I am on the fringe of Helperthorpe Parish, but I certainly have not been consulted about any community wind turbines. In fact as an airstrip owner, I should certainly have been consulted before the planning application was submitted. This comes from guidance issued by Renewables UK, the CAA and National Planning Law.
    I understand that the benefits from the turbines will not be split amongst the community but rather involve the feathering of a few nests and some outside of the community. I also understand that the host landowners will be commanding extremely high rents for the very small footprint. I hardly consider this to be in the community spirit.
    I’m afraid you have antagonised the community rather than acting for the community. I believe I wrote to you some time ago and suggested that small savings in power usage would be far more economical and sustainable than much overated turbines which do not produce sustainable power when it is actually needed.
    I consider these projects to be total scams and using the title of community projects as irresponsible.
    The applications should be withdrawn.

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