The Parishes of Luttons and Weaverthorpe, incorporating Helperthorpe

Yorkshire Countrywomens Association

The membership of Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association (YCA) stands at approximately 4,00o women from all walks of life who live in Yorkshire, but were not necessarily born in Yorkshire.

There are two branches of the YCA in our valley – Luttons and Weaverthorpe.  You are welcome to belong to one, or to both.  It costs £3 per annum plus the branch subscription levied to cover running costs.

Luttons branch meets in the Luttons School Hall and Weaverthorpe branch in the Weaverthorpe Village Hall for a get together or to be entertained by a speaker or demonstrator.

On the wider scale the YCA hold events for the entire county, usually in York – gardeners days, carols services, outings, holidays, handicrafts shows and workshops.  We also have events in all three ridings – lunches, antique evenings, plant fairs etc.  All tastes are catered for.  Members keep in touch with a monthly Newsletter, a Quarterly magazine, or the Website (Follow this link for the YCA wesbite).  So why not join us for fun and friendship?


  1. You may be interested to know that I am keen to offer an illustrated talk about the work that the RSPB is doing with farmers and landowners in the Wolds and Coast area to enhance the wildlife and flora. We are keen to involve local communities and would welcome an opportunity to speak to the YCA branches in the area. The talk explains how farmers are creating habitats for wildlife on their farms by sowing wild bird seed mixes, creating nest sites for skylarks, putting up nest boxes for barn owls and tree sparrows, sowing nectar flower and wild flower mixes for bees etc. The talk is illustrated with numerous pictures of the Wolds and Coast and considers the landscape, archaeology, history of the Wolds as well as the wildlife. The talk is free of charge and lasts an hour. Please contact me by email if you would like to discuss or make a booking, alternatively phone me on 07900 164 601. I would be pleased to hear from you.

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