The Parishes of Luttons and Weaverthorpe, incorporating Helperthorpe


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Weaverthorpe sits in the bottom of the Gypsey Race Valley which flows gently alongside the main street. The tiny Village sits along side a quiet country unclassified road between the B1253 and the B1249. Although the Village is tiny there are two public houses, The Blue Bell Country Hotel and Public House and The Star Country Inn and Restaurant. There is a Post Office and The Wolds Stores which provide for the small number of houses and residents that there are.

St Andrew’s Church sits up on the hillside looking down on the Village below. It is a stone built building with a Norman Tower and a very unusual round staircase which protrudes on the exterior of the tower. Over the south doorway is a sun dial placed there in memory of Herbert of Winchester who built the Church in the 12th Century.Outside the Church is a memorial seat. The Weaverthorpe Church of England school also sits on the hillside presiding over the Village below.

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