The Parishes of Luttons and Weaverthorpe, incorporating Helperthorpe

Luttons Parish Council

All parishioners are very welcome to attend Parish Council Meetings

Date of next meeting: 19th November 2018 at 19:00 in The School Hall, Back Lane, West Lutton

Luttons Parish Council Members

John Wane – West View Cottage, West Lutton (Chair)

Stuart Bell – Church Farm, West Lutton (Vice Chair)

Val Bottomley – Field Cottage, West Lutton (Chair, Environmental Sub-group)

Richard Ogden – The Old School House, West Lutton

Rob Harling – Hillside Way, West Lutton

Evan Ferguson – Old Manor Farm, Helperthorpe

Nigel Beresford – 6 South View, Helperthorpe

Vacant Post – If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please contact The Parish Clerk for more information.

Making Contact with Luttons Parish Council

Contact should be made through the Clerk of the Parish Council: Janice Robinson

Tel: 01262 470916






  1. Mr Williams says:

    On the subject of wind power. A neighbouring farmer applied to build one of these turbines at the back of my house at Dunnington near York. I never objected, because I could see some benefits, mainly electricity being generated without any pollution which I think is good for everybody. BUT, there are pluses and negatives. The turbine turns nearly all the time which suprised me, they are in fact geared inside and the blades are superlight so they do generate electric most of the time even when there is hardly a breeze. When the wind is heavier the gears change again, so they turn slower in heavy wind. So they definitely work, the claim that they won’t turn most of the time is false. It makes very little noise so the claim that they are noisy is not necessarily true, though I wonder if bigger ones or a different make or model would make noise. In fact it is virtually silent. However, there is one big negative I have found and that is the impact on the landscape. This wind turbine can be seen for several miles in every direction. The rotating blades are obviously moving so they catch your eye, they often glint in the sun as the blades catch the light. Now the Council is suggesting after this one turbine has been built, that the site is a suitable for a vast array of turbines. Of course, because one has been built there can now be no objection to all the others, a precedent has been set. I think wind farms do have a place, but wouldn’t they be better sited at sea or in areas of low landscape value? And to me, I think it better to set aside areas and say, well, were going to have 500 in this location, a proper wind farm, rather than them being dotted about all over the place. Better if the view is spoilt in one location than in several. So for those in the Wolds I would say, think carefully about wind power. The Wolds is an area of high landscape value and that is good for other things like tourism and house prices, the pleasant landscape attracts people to your area and makes it a nice place to live. Of course, not everyone thinks wind turbines are ugly, but they do have a big impact on the landscape. As I say, the main drawback I have found is the impact on the landscape. I think it very dangerous that companies under the guise of charity are setting bribes to entice farmers and communities to have these structures, they need to be considered on their merits, good and bad. Money shouldn’t really come into it, perhaps i’m too old fashioned.

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